Transfer and Receptive at Airports

We do receptive and luxury transfer at the airports of the city. We have planned everything so that you can travel smoothly.


Travelling can become a headache when you think about the transfers between the airport and the final destination or the other way around. Very often our cars stay parked in parking lots, covered on dust and with no care. They remain in an unknown place as we travel, always on a risk of someone else colliding and defenceless to bad intentioned people damaging the painting or the tires. When we arrive in an unknown city there is always the concern for our safety, the decisions and choices about the best routes or even jumping in taxis with unknown drivers.

Blindaquo Quality Cars offers you the chance to enjoy your experience traveling for business or pleasure. Leave your car in your garage while one of our drivers offers all tranquility you and your family deserve.

Your car will be safe in home, without the danger of being stealed, striked or going through any other damages.

Arriving in Rio de Janeiro without properly knowing the city can be very dangerous. Even if you rent a car relying on GPS it can take you and your family to life-threatening situations as we check on news very often. By hiring the receptive services at Blindaquo Quality Car you can rely on a driver trained and certified with defensive and evasive driving courses. They are geared to recognize the best and safest routes of the city. You can opt renting our armored cars to better serve your safety. Your life is our most valuable asset.

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